About Us

Químicas Handal of Centroamérica


  • • Rayo – Rasquisan – Diamond products are released

    • Cans manufacturing

    •Begins exporting to Central America

  • • New plastics manufacturing operation for bottles and caps

    • Launched Chemicol brand in Central America

    • Obtained Kiwi Brands License to produce and market for Central America

  • • Builds a new facility in Choloma, 15 min from San Pedro Sula

    • Begins exporting to United States

  • • Begins exporting to Mexico and the Caribbean

    • Wins Export Presidential Award from Honduras Government

    • Becomes ISO 9001:2000 certified

    • Three Export Presidential Awards

  • • Velas San Pedro is released

    • Begins exporting to Europe, Asia, Oceania

    • Velas Novaluz is released

    • Begins building a new production facility

  • • Medinova is released

    • O-zone is released

    • Caviani is released


We are a company dedicated to develop, manufacture and market products for home, personal and medicinal care in order to satisfy our customers through innovation, quality and services; continuously improving our processes with a trained human resource, under a socially responsible management model.


– Innovation
– Customer Service
– On-time Delivery
– High Standard Quality

Our Values


Acceptance of our own limitations and our own mistakes with responsibility and our own achievements with modesty.


Unconditional support to causes or interests of others without expecting anything in return.


Value the importance of truth and not deceive others for our own benefit.


It is the spirit´s strength that makes us remain faithful to our principles.


Set of rules and principles by which a professional must be governed.


It is to fulfill a commitment even while facing adverse or changing circumstances.