Third Party Manufacturing

We offer the following manufacturing services

Tinplate containers

We develop containers without limitations of size or shape. We apply materials that are adapted to achieve various proportions and technologies that ensure reliability in its packaging.

  • For use in Paste Shoe Polish.

  • For pharmaceutical ointments.

Plastic Containers

We offer plastic containers that meet your requirements, also exceeding your expectations, we continuously improve our processes, the training and development of our staff.

  • Plastic bottles.

  • Plastic components.


Design and production of high quality products. Pharmaceutical engineering able to perform the design of equipment, production planning, cost estimation, innovation in new products, development of processes and formulations of pharmaceutical forms.

  • Aqueous solutions.

  • Ointments.

  • Creams.

  • Gels.

Product Development

We have a team of professionals with extensive experience who will be responsible for developing product or improving it if desired, adapting the components and adjusting them to the current legislation always seeking the highest degree of effectiveness and quality.

  • Idea Generation. 
  • Selection.

  • Concept Development.

  • Product Development and Marketing.

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